About KfG Coaching

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Krista is a professional business and goal coach, certified trainer, and speaker. She supports employees within an organization through confidential conversations about performance, growth, relationships and company culture. Krista is able to enhance the environment of each organization through employee accountability and commitment. As an experienced business owner, human resources director and marketing consultant, Krista is able to support her clients by determining ways to leverage existing strengths, build productive relationships and advance their roles. Krista bridges the gap in conversations with the employee and the business. As an outside resource, she is able to offer transparent and honest support and bring to the forefront the conversations that may not otherwise be had. Krista has proven to increase the businesses productivity, workplace morale, employee satisfaction and retention. Whether you strive to maintain forward progression or are looking for improvement, Krista is able to offer services to benefit your overall goals.

“I witnessed her add her art of coaching to what she offers her clients. She truly served her clients in reaching their goals. I strongly encourage you to have a conversation with Krista to see how she might serve you!”
- Carol