Are you feeling stuck?  You have a goal, you know you can achieve it…yet you find yourself in the same “stuck” cycle without forward movement.  Maybe it is time to start putting the wheels in motion…

“Krista helped me tie together my analytical thoughts with how I felt, and where I felt associated sensations throughout my body. After several sessions, with this new understanding of how to sort out how I was feeling about things, I was learning to make better decisions. As a result, I now have a better sense of how to prioritize which concerns to address first.”
- Tim

I coach clients from all over the world in exploring the possibilities they already hold within themselves.  In this exploration, we break down barriers that are standing in the way. Guess what…it likely is YOU.  I believe my clients to be healthy, whole, brave individuals that decide they are ready to show up in life.  They are ready to hold themselves accountable and become the person they know they are made to be.  They are ready to unveil what life has to offer.  Are you ready?

My promise to you, is to explore the way in which you are “showing up” in your life.  To help you determine how this is affecting your relationships with yourself, family, friends and career. Together, we will walk in a journey of self-discovery to a whole new way of seeing yourself and the world.

The hardest step is the first one.  But you made it. You are here. Congratulations!  You are on the path to self-acknowledgment, exploration, and worth.  The journey has just begun. KfG!

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