Business executives and leaders all over the world are reaping the benefits of Executive Coaching. Leadership training, organizational development, and coaching is crucial in today’s business world.  The results speak for themselves for those businesses that use coaching as a resource to better their organization.

There is still something missing. 

Today, more than ever, business leaders are spending countless time and money on retaining their employees and staff. They are learning critical skills through their own executive level coaching but finding a disconnect on being able to apply the same transformational learning to the internal staff that supports them.

What I do in my business coaching.

Staff Communications and Retention:

I help business owners and executives bring life back into their staff. I believe every business is only as successful as their least motivated staff member. What if every individual has the capabilities to expose what is holding them back from putting their best self forward in work and life?  Many times, employees are not offered the tools to discover this themselves. Other times, they lack the confidence of divulging in this level of exploration with their management. I am here to offer support and encourage exploration within the workplace to improve self-discovery and satisfaction, therefore resulting in a sounder and more successful environment.

Employee Intervention:

Employers spend a lot of time and money hiring and training their staff. I coach employees that may have found themselves stuck, disconnected, or devalued. Termination of employment is the quickest option business owners find themselves facing. What if the hard conversations were had? What if the spark was ignited once again through honest, and respectful communication?

Personalized Business Structure Planning:

I evaluate each business individually to see what makes them unique and tick. I create a 3 tier development plan to discuss options on restructuring the organization to bring the best version of themselves to the business and customers. Each business can self-build exactly how they want this business structure to operate; whether it be workshops, team building events, or personal coaching. I work directly with the business executives and staff to formulate a plan and offer them support in their journey to success.

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“Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.  It is the development of strength.”  - Julio Olalla

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